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If your parent or a loved one is having mobility issues and have already tried using a walking cane, walker, or wheelchair to go up and down the steps, then you may want to consider installing a stair lift. Stair lifts (also known as chair lifts) provide safety and comfort immediately by allowing users to sit comfortably in a seat that takes them up and down the steps. These mobility devices use a simple railing as a track and can be custom fitted to your staircase. According to Consumers Advocate, the top ten stair lift companies are Harmar, AmeriGlide, Improvement Center, Handicare, Stannah, 101 Mobility, Ascent, Acorn, Bruno, Up-Down Stair Lift Company, and EHLS. Find an authorized dealer and research more about these companies by browsing a local company near you.

Local Directory for Stairlift Companies